Our Mission

It started with passion and frustration...

We believe in what cryptocurrencies stand for, but we're frustrated by their lack of accessibility to the general public. Information about cryptocurrencies is scattered across the Internet, generally confusing, and sometimes untrustworthy.

We founded Bitbuddy to change that.

We want to make cryptocurrency education easy and act as a dependable source of information. Our goal is to foster excitement and spread knowledge about the cryptocurrency movement. We truly believe this technology will be a revolutionary force in our global culture and economy.  

Bitbuddy breaks down the complexity of the cryptocurrency market and gives you the tools to take control of your own investments. We want to create a community of people genuinely excited about cryptocurrencies, while helping to usher in the revolution of financial literacy, transparency, and independence.

Meet the Team

We are four undergraduate students at Brown University who want to break the mold. One night in one of our dorm rooms, discussing cryptocurrency, we realized how difficult it was for each of us to learn about and enter the market. Even for a tech savvy college student, trying to learn about cryptocurrencies is not easy. We saw a problem that needed to be solved. 

Bitbuddy was born.

Each of us has been interested (and invested) in various cryptocurrencies for a long time. We conduct research on developments in the cryptocurrency world as well as on emerging technologies.



Zachary Jordan


Maverick Kuhn



Jarod Boone



Lucas Tesler